To write a blog demands a great editor

We will here show you how to write a blog in the C5DK Blog package. It is a great blog tool for your site

Posted by Ham selv - 2015-11-11 08:58:28

C5DK Blog, a great blogging experience

We have tried "to go that extra mile" to make this C5DK Blog package, the best blogging experience ever. And by that, we have been coding for months to get it as perfect as possible. It have been a huge task because we also had to learn the new coding techniques for Concrete5 version 5.7+.

Just a picture about bloggingBut what we have accomplished is a great, simple to use blogging experience with a little extra. You will for example be able to crop your thumbnail images to show exactly what you need, simply by using our embedded thumbnail cropping tool.

You will be able to insert both images and embedded videos in your blogs, So your blogs will always look great. We have added a image manager for the blogger, and by this the blogger will be able to upload images to the blog without getting to the file manager in the dashboard, and the blogger will only see his/hers own images.

All settings of the blog is following the way every page is sat up in concrete5 version 5.7. And by this, your blog will always be accessible from Concrete5 Composer interface.

But the best thing about our C5DK Blog package is, that you will be able to let none administrators blog on your site, and by that allowing users to blog without getting access to the dashboard or any thing else related to administrators. You will also be able to add more than one blog page (blog root) to your site. That way you will be able to add a blog to different sections of your site, or you could even give every blogger on your site his/hers own blog section (blog root).

This is great for us at Concrete5 Denmark, to release this C5DK Blog package, and we wish you happy blogging in the future.

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