C5DK Blog - Setting up the Page Type for the blog

How to set up the page type for the C5DK Blog

As page types in concrete5 is closely related to the theme you are using on your site. There is not a clear explanation of how to set this up. So what you see on these tutorial pages are only basic introduction in establishing page type for a blog.

How your blog page will look like, is entirely up to you. You can be creative or just make a simple page.

Let's start with the page type basic settings

Please see this little video:

Setting up the form and content for the blog page type

All the form fields in composer and standard content on the new blog Page Type is essential for the Page Type to work in concrete5. And by that we will here explain how to add the form fields to composer, add content blocks and designing the new blog Page Type.

If you already know about setting up standard content blocks on a Page Type, you may wonder that we use stacks to keep our blocks locations controlled. We do this, to make it possible to change the design at a later time.

Note: We have found a problem with having the "core conversation block" in a stack. It will not work. You have to add the conversation block directly to the page type default page to make it work. This has been tested in concrete5 version, and a bug report has been submitted on concrete5.org

Please see this little video:

This tutorial on setting up a page type for our C5DK Blog package, is basically a walk through on setting up a default blog page type as you would do when using the concrete5 composer to write your blogs. We will at a later part of these tutorials add additional blocks to this page type to make it unique for our C5DK Blog package.

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