C5DK Blog - Small goodies for the blog

We have supplied you with the blog tools

As a developer and designer of concrete5, you probably think "how do I make sure that I have all the tools to get this blog working in my theme?". And be course of that, we tried our C5DK Blog package in a few themes, just to make sure you got all the tools to make it work.

But if you do not like our styling, then you may have to code a bit.

We have supplied the following blocks and templates:

  • The blog button (this is essential to get it all to work)
  • The "Go Back" link (just to make it easy to go back to the blog root page)
  • The blog header (in some themes it is included, in others it's not)
  • The Date navigarion template (just a spiked up template to make it look good)
  • The Tags template (we supply 2 great tag cloud templates)
  • The Topic List template (just a spiked up template with a little extra)

Please see this video on our additional tools for the blog:

Additional information

Regarding the templates for core blocks. Especially the "Tags" block, we said that to change the design you have to change 2 images. These images is placed under "/packages/c5dk_blog/blocks/tags/templates/c5dk_tags/images". And the files for the template is as described here:

  • c5-bg-320.jpg (this is the background of the template and it's 320px by 320px)
  • tagsicon.png (this is the icon in the middle of the template and it's 100px by 100px)

If you decide to create a new template, it would be a good idea to copy the template folder and give it a new name. By that you will not destroy the original.