Let's get started

First thing to do is to install the package. You have 2 options here.

  1. You can download the package. Then unzip and upload the "c5dk_blog" folder to the package directory on your server.
  2. Or you can get it directly from the Marketplace through the "Extend concrete5" in your Dashboard.

Either way will give you the option to click the install button under "Extend concrete5" in the Concrete5 Dashboard:

Please see the following video to help you in installing the package.

When the package is installed, you will now be able to make the configuration of the blog for your needs.

Please see the set up procedure by follow these steps:

  1. Setting up users and groups for the blog
  2. Setting up the page type for the blog page
  3. Configure additional settings and add blog functionality to the site
  4. Additional: Add Topics functionality to the blog
  5. Some goodies we have added to the package
  6. C5DK Blog version history